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Pytanie 1
What Himalayan wild ox can be domesticated to produce cheese called chhurpi in Tibet and Nepal?
Pytanie 2
Who sang the famous song "Yellow" (2000) ?
Pytanie 3
I am the comedian who starred in "Mork and Mindy" as well as the voice of the genie in "Aladdin', who am I?
Pytanie 4
Hoeveel uren zitten er in een etmaal?
Pytanie 5
He may have wanted out, but they pulled Al Pacino back in for the third movie in what film franchise?
Pytanie 6
Navy beans and pinto beans are actually varieties of what anatomically named beans?
Pytanie 7
What "edible" variation on the Twist inspired Bobby Pickett to rename his monster song?
Pytanie 8
What is another name for Spanish doughnuts?
Pytanie 9
Depending on who you ask, the national bird of Germany is either the golden eagle or what other bird, perhaps in honor of all the babies it had delivered there over the years?
Pytanie 10
In "Charlotte's Web", what type of animal is Charlotte?
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